I love the Loose Women. You always know you can count on them to deliver some truths about taboo subjects, that probably shouldn't be spoken about normally on daytime television - like when they discussed the new fad of men getting botox in their private bits.

They call it, 'Scrotox', and apparently it's all the rage...

Credit: Loose Women

Ruth Langsford, not one for mincing her words, went on to 'drop the C word' during the morning television show...

Credit: Loose Women

How cheeky is that! TBH though, even I admit it's a little bit to early to be discussing such things. I don't want to hear anything on that for at least another two months, as it only reminds me how broke I am at the moment.

Maybe all the excitement of 'Scrotox' and the idea of buying it for Eamonn as a Christmas present made her say it.

Earlier this week marked the 18th birthday of the chat show. To celebrate, panelists from past, present and future have been coming in all day, reminiscing about their times on the show. Well, except for a certain woman they left off. Awkward, or what?

Well, with a show that has a pretty open conversation policy (especially considering it's daytime telly), that always paves the way for some interesting conversations, and outbursts, like the other day when Gemma Collins got asked if she was 'into' animals...

Credit: Loose Women ITV

But on that day, the focus was on former panelist, Kerry Katona. Kerry has always been quite the character, and never held anything back from the media when it comes to her personal life. Her marriage break-downs have been public knowledge, one of the most famous being when she was married to former-Westlife member, Brian McFadden.

With Loose Women celebrating their 18th birthday, Kerry reminisced about when she first joined the show, and said: "When I was first here, I was Kerry McFadden." However, she then went on to 'blame' the television show for her husband's infidelity, even saying: "Loose Women ruined my marriage!"

When she blasts the show, the panelists don't quite know how to react...

Credit: Loose Women ITV

Oh dear, TBF hun, you're better off without him anyway. She clearly found the joke in the situation as she returned to the show to celebrate with the women. I can't believe the show is 18, it's like the equivalent of a university student.

Can you remember the first ever episode? Here's a reminder for you if you can't, and it looks SO different compared to the format now...

Credit: Loose Women

It looks more like an episode of a cooking show than Loose Women, and WOW how bright is that colour scheme!


Here's to another 18 years, ladies!

Katey Roberts

Katey is the Junior Social Editor of PRETTY52. She recently graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University, with a degree in Film and Media and her expertise is in entertainment news and celebrity culture. Contact her - katey.roberts@pretty52.com

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