​Piers Morgan Hits Out At Jesy Nelson Over New Gun Tattoo

Piers Morgan has branded Little Mix star Jesy Nelson 'stupid' after she posted a picture of her new gun tattoo on Instagram.

The Little Mix ladies and Piers already don't have the best relationship after Jesy called the presenter a 'silly tw*t' when he accused them of 'using their nudity to sell their latest album'.

And Piers wasted no time in making his thoughts clear about Jesy's latest inking on her rib cage.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Piers said: "Jesy, this great role model to millions of young women, she wants to really empower them, she's had a new tattoo put on herself, which she posted last night - it's a gun, it's a gun.

"Isn't that great, as gun crime in this country starts to pick up. As gun crime in other countries like America rages, and so many people are getting shot to pieces of course the best thing for a young woman - a role model to millions of impressionable young girls - is to tattoo a gun on her backside.

"And people wonder why I call these girls in Little Mix irresponsible or stupid."

The small ink of a gun is on Jesy's torso. (Credit: Instagram/Jesy Nelson)
The small ink of a gun is on Jesy's torso. (Credit: Instagram/Jesy Nelson)

Piers then went on to suggest that Jesy was being paid to post the picture on her Instagram because of the Calvin Klein underwear.

However, co-host Susanna Reid pointed out that Piers doesn't know the true meaning behind the tattoo.

Piers continued: "Do you think she's doing that for nothing? She's posted that to how many 'gazillion' - not a number - followers she has to promote Calvin Klein and get a big paycheck and there it is, a gun.

Piers believes Jesy is sending a negative message. (Credit: ITV)
Piers believes Jesy is sending a negative message. (Credit: ITV)

"That's what she wants the message communicated to her millions of young fans, that a gun is cool. A gun, isn't that great, that they might go get a gun and shoot people, God she's stupid.

"We had all this with the footballer Raheem Sterling. I thought that was ridiculous and stupid whatever the back story. To do gun imagery as a tattoo on your body to tell people that guns are cool."

After receiving backlash for the post, Jesy removed the picture from her Instagram but has not yet addressed Piers' comments.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Good Morning Britain/Instagram/Jesy Nelson

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