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Piers Morgan Slams David Beckham For Chewing Gum At The Royal Wedding

Piers Morgan has hit out at David Beckham for chewing gum at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding on Saturday, and he claims that the professional footballer may never get a knighthood because of it.

Beckham's fans rushed to Twitter on the day to share their adoration for his appearance but Piers wasn't amongst his fans.


The Good Morning Britain presenter blasted: "He goes into church and sits down next to Nicholas Soames, the pillar of the establishment, a man related to Winston Churchill, and what does old Golden Balls do? He chews gum."

Piers even imitated Becks' chewing before continuing: "You don't chew gum in church - if anything should stop him getting a Knighthood that should be the tipping point."

Still not finished laying into him, Piers continued: "Chewing gum in church is... in the old day you'd be taken to the tower for that sort of thing, it's disrespect."

Not content with just slamming David, Piers then moved onto his wife Victoria, who he branded an 'old sour puss' for not smiling during ceremony.


He ranted: "You're at the sunniest, happiest wedding in the world and you turn up looking like..." Before playing a clip of the Spice Girl arriving, adding: "Go on. Give us your most severe pout."

PA ImagesPA Images

The controversial presenter went on to say that the wedding was one of the 'most enjoyable and unpredictable' weddings he had experienced, although he questioned why Meghan's mum, Doria Ragland, was the only member of her family at the service.

"How can you justify having none of your family at your own marriage when you're filling the church with famous people whom you've known for a fraction of the time?" he asked.

PA ImagesPA Images

Last week Piers revealed how he had taken Meghan to his local pub tow years ago before she went on her first date with Harry, however in his Daily Mail column he claimed the wedding had been hijacked by Hollywood.

He wrote: "Hollywood hijacked this Royal Wedding, both in personnel and in tone, in a carefully co-ordinated operation by an actress putting on the performance of her life, to celebrate the greatest day of her life."

Featured Image Credit: ITV/PA Images

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