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Piers Morgan Screams In Agony As He Experiences Labour Simulator On Good Morning Britain

Piers Morgan experienced the pain of childbirth with a simulator, and it's just as satisfying to watch as you might imagine.

Whether he's riled you up over his anti-feminist views, or he's been having a go at your favourite celebs on Twitter, then this video will perhaps provide you some catharsis:


Good Morning Britain hosts Piers and Susanna Reid were joined by Stefan, a scientist from the Netherlands, on the sofa on Wednesday morning, who came armed with a labour simulator to give the outspoken journalist a slight taste of what women's bodies must endure while having a baby.

"You send electrical impulses to those patches. Around the 50-60 mark is similar to the beginning of childbirth, or the first contractions," explained Susanna.

"How hard can it be, guys? I think I'm about to find out," Piers said, rather ignorantly, before grimacing and gritting his teeth to cope with the pain.

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

The electrical impulses began at 20 and Susanna pointed out: "This is what it's like when you first go into labour, and you have to stay at home during this period."


At Susanna's encouragement, Stefan cranked the machine up to 35 and at 40, Piers started screaming.

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

"Is it unbearable yet?" asked Susanna, to which he replied: "Easy, easy." Susanna declared back: "This is just a contraction."

As the electrical impulses on the TENs machine reached 60, Piers ripped the pads off his stomach, declaring: "That's enough."

Piers lasted a grand total of five minutes - let's just point out that labour can last for hours in women.

While he was originally defiant that the machine couldn't have been an accurate representation of childbirth, Piers issued a well overdue apology to the women of Britain.

"On balance, to the women of Great Britain, I probably owe you a slight apology," he said.

"I am very glad that [men] don't have to go through this and I've got to say that was agony. If that's what you honestly go through, my respect for women during child brith has gone through the roof."

"I will never joke about childbirth again. It was agony.

*Rewatches video 100 times*

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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