Made In Chelsea's Louise Thompson Is In Trouble With Fans For 'Body-Shaming' Comments

Made In Chelsea's Louise Thompson has a pretty amazing body, let's be honest. And now that's dating a personal trainer, Ryan Libbey, that body looks like it's going to undergoing even more fitness and health regimes than ever before.

She's spoken out before about how working with Ryan has 'transformed' her body and she's super enthused about it:

However, Louise got into some drama with her followers recently after she described herself as needing to get rid of the fat on top of her abs in a post about working out:

Muscles are there, now need to get rid of the fat over the top #watchthisspace

Unfortunately, some of Louise's fans were seriously annoyed that she'd used the word 'fat', thinking that she was describing herself as fat. They thought that she was setting dangerous, unrealistic beauty standards to her young fans, and encouraged her to think more carefully about her posts.

However, other people rushed to Louise's defense, explaining that the reality star wasn't saying that she was fat, she only meant that she has fat on her body, in the physiological sense. We all do, even the most fit and healthy of us.

Anyway, basically no one can deny that Louise is looking fabulous right now, and it doesn't seem like she's paying any attention to the drama whatsoever!


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Jack Rear

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