Meghan Markle Sparks Debate By Wearing Tights In First Appearance Since Royal Wedding

The Duchess of Sussex made her first royal appearance on Tuesday when she stepped out wearing a very polished, royal look.

Meghan Markle appeared to fit right in with her in-laws when she attended the Prince of Wales' birthday bash at Buckingham Palace, however she has sparked quite the debate among fans.

The newly wed opted for a simple dusty pink dress and there's no denying that she looked incredible, however many people have questioned her decision to wear tights.

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Former Suits star Meghan usually tends to go for a bare leg and one Good Morning Britain presenter reckons it might be to do with the Queen.

She explained: "I think it's all down to the fact that they all wear tights don't they.

"We always see the Duchess of Cambridge wearing tights, the Queen does apparently not like bare legs, she doesn't like bright coloured nail varnish and she doesn't like short skirts and Meghan was just ticking all those boxes."

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One frustrated viewer took to Twitter to defend the star, writing: "Oh dear here we go, let's start interrogating the poor girl - I think she wore the Ivory Tights to match the Ivory see through sleeves on her dress....she was at a garden party and dressed the part - as simple as that - please - let's not do this."

However a second disagreed: "The wedding dress and yesterday's outfit screamed 'conformist.'

"Damage being done already..."

One viewer pointed out that it was probably a royal advisor who suggested what Meghan wore, while another added: "That's true but as she wants to be an active feminist, as she has announced, perhaps choosing her own clothes would be a start.

"If she didn't wear tights on a cold November why would she wear them on a hot day in May unless she'd been told to."

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