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Mary Berry Shocks Fans By Claiming She's 'Never Had A Takeaway'

Cast your mind back to the last time you were lying in bed, hungover and hating life. Your mouth is parched, you're remembering all the awful things that you did the night before (why did I dance on a table and scream at everyone to do the robot?!) and nothing is going to help you through this awful time.

Then, your phone buzzes. You look at it, and it's a text from bae. A smile spreads across your face - it's all going to be okay.

And yes, bae is Domino's pizza.


Well Mary Berry has shocked her fans by claiming that she's never had a takeaway. Not even a cheeky mozzie dipper from the local pizza shop.

I'm shocked and appalled.

The 82-year-old told Times Magazine: "I've never had a takeaway. I'd have to go and fetch it!"

She added: "But I will go into M&S on my way home and buy a £10 meal. That to me is more fun than a takeaway."


Earlier this year, Mary revealed the one thing that annoys her about GBBO contestants. She revealed to the Radio Times that she wasn't fond of moments when the contestants allowed their emotions to get the better of them, because in life, you have to "keep going".

She said: "In life you shouldn't keep bursting into tears. There are occasions when you want to cry your heart out, but not on a television programme. If you do something that doesn't work out, you have to gather yourself up and keep going."

I'd be more annoyed about choking on people's rubbish food, if I'm honest...

Credit: BBC Two

Also in her interview, Mary said that not only was she never tempted to make the move to the rival channel, she "was never asked to go":

She explained: "No, I wasn't. And anyway, I was never asked to go. I avoided being asked. It was suggested what would happen if I did go to Channel 4; what I would get, the advantages. But I didn't ever have a meeting with them. I'd made up my mind. To me it's an honour to be on the BBC. I was brought up on it."

Fair play to her.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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