Maltesers Buttons Exist And Are Coming To The UK Very Soon

There's some staples that exist within confectionairy that will always withstand the test of time.

Quality Street, boxes of Celebrations, Dairy Milk etc. I can go on and on about my love of sweet snacks, but one that I know I share a common favourite admiration for is and always will be - Maltesers.

They're just gorgeous, I mean who'd have thought little malt balls covered in the finest chocolate Mars has to offer would be one of the greatest treats of all time. You'd be lying if you can honestly tell us that you've never tried the 'floating Malteser trick', either with a straw or just your mouth.

Well, it looks like our favourite little goodies are going to get either a re-vamp, or a completely new edition. The world was already treated to bunny versions of the popular chocolate, but if this photo is anything to go by then it looks like Maltesers have taken on a BRAND NEW form, and we're living for it.

According to Instagram account, Productsinstore, the new Maltesers buttons will be out next month in the UK, and considering we've also heard from a little birdy that there is an exciting announcement coming in the next few weeks from camp Maltesers themselves, it looks like these are 100% happening. Will they be announcing the release of these exciting little button-shaped treats? I bloody well hope so.

While there's not much information about how much these cost, or where we can even get them from - I'm sure we'll all find out very soon. They'll be in ASDA and Tesco's nationwide by the end of the year if the hype is anything to go by.

What do you think, should Mars have left our beloved little malt balls of joy alone, or are you excited for this new edition? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured Image Credit: Productsinstore / Maltesers

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