Have you had a scroll through Louise Thompson's Instagram lately? Jheez. The Made in Chelsea star is living the dream.

She's currently holidaying in Sri Lanka with her super buff boyfriend after spending New Year in the Maldives and every time she posts and update her trip looks more incredible.

Just get a load of these...

If you're sat at your desk in a freezing cold office pondering your life choices and questioning why the Lord didn't bless you too with a killer body and a life filled with luxury holidays, try not to feel too bad because not all is as it seems.

Notice how all the pictures look a little too perfect? That's because they kind of are.

The 26-year-old has been outed by her brother Sam for travelling with a professional photographer who ensures every snap she uploads has the best lighting, most flattering angles and is edited to perfection.


Credit: Sam Thompson.

It seems kind of ridiculous now you see it like that, doesn't it? Yes her Instagram looks amazing and she's racking up likes left right and centre but surely she could be spending her time in these incredible destinations, you know, enjoying herself and having a lovely time?

How the other half live, eh?!

Featured Image Credit: Sophie Thompson/Instagram.

Sian Broderick

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