Hallelujah! Louis Theroux Has Joined Instagram

After years of waiting, the moment is finally here... Louis Theroux has joined Instagram.

A newly created account has popped up on the social media platform, although the award-winning documentary maker has not yet shared any snaps to his feed - hopefully that will change pronto (although a long silence wouldn't be out of place with Louis!).

And while the account, which has the handle @officiallouistheroux, has not yet received a blue tick, it is followed by his TV director wife Nancy Strang as well as his eldest son Albert so it seems pretty legit.

Credit: Instagram/Louis Theroux
Credit: Instagram/Louis Theroux

The two accounts are the only ones that the journalist is following in return.

It is unclear when Louis joined Instagram, but so far he has amassed just 49 followers at the time of writing (50 now that I've clicked follow) so it seems pretty new.

Credit: PA Images
Credit: PA Images

The bio on his profile reads: "This is the official Instagram account of documentary-maker Louis Theroux," and is accompanied by a profile picture of Louis next to a spiky cactus wearing his glasses. Oh, Louis.

Master behind recently released BBC documentary Altered States Louis is already pretty active on Twitter.

Last month the dad-of-three tweeted a picture of himself with his spirit animal and we were there for it.

The photo that the BBC documentary maker captioned: "I have a dog-pelgänger!" showed Louis looking delighted and posing next to an award winning pedigree chow dog called - you guessed it - Louis Furroux.

This pooch is an 'Award winning pedigree chow who asks searching and revealing questions in fringe societies', which sounds pretty familiar. While the two don't look alike it seems they are spirit twins by name and nature.

If there is just one Instagram account you follow in 2019, make it Louis' (and maybe that dog, too).

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

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