Laura Whitmore and Iain Stirling are actually one of the cutest couples ever. She's absolutely beautiful, and he's a bit of a catch and absolutely hilarious, so as a couple they are 100% our type on paper.

Up until now the couple have been quite private with their relationship, only really dropping the occasional hint of the two in subtle Instagram posts...

She also posted an Instagram before this of their date night, as she is visiting her beau whilst he performs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

But now, finally, they've posted the cutest most OBVIOUS photo that they are 100% a couple. The two are currently on holiday in New York together, and Laura couldn't help but show us a little peek of their holiday, and it's actually rather sweet.

According to The Sun Online, a source revealed that the couple met at an ITV party last year after being introduced by mutual friends, and immediately hit it off. I think that they make a lovely couple, and I'm 100% not jealous of them at all in the slightest. Nope, not at all.

Speaking of Iain Stirling, can you remember when Piers Morgan called him a 'melt' on GMB? The much loved voice over for the show did his best to stand his ground against an ordinarily argumentative Piers, and things got oh so funny.

Prepare yourselves for a lot of Island-related comebacks.

Credit: ITV/Good Morning Britain

No stranger to conflict, Piers took the opportunity to have his say about the show, claiming he is 'worried' about the impact the contestants will have on his sons as role models, whilst also voicing concern for the impression it will have on his nieces.

The presenter questioned: "My kids love it but I'm worried about the role model impact on my sons who are 23, 20 and 16. Do I really want them thinking these women are the great aspiration for their romantic ideal? And for my nieces, do I want them looking at these blokes thinking 'there lies the path of true love'?"

Iain retaliated, saying he thinks it is 'a good life lesson', pointing out that 'people make mistakes' in real life.

He explained: "I suppose that's down to you as an individual. I guess you take what you will, I think it's quite a good lesson in how to conduct yourself in relationships. It's quite a good lesson to learn. People make mistakes but who doesn't in real life?"

Piers continued to stir things up, when he chose to read out a tweet addressed to his co-host Susanna, which criticised her, saying she was having a "mid-life crisis".

Susanna seemed to brush this off, defending herself, saying: "I'm learning a lot actually. How to do dating!", whilst Piers held his head in his hands.


Credit: ITV

The argumentative host was just starting to lay into Susanna himself, when Iain stepped in, saying: "Piers you've got to start paying attention. You're getting mugged off!"

"Look mate, you melt! Watch it, you melt." he concluded. HA.

We think they make such a cute couple, but FFS can someone please send him off to film the next Love Island asap please? I've got withdrawals here.

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