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Lady Colin Campbell Has Revealed Everything About Her Sexy Affair With Larry Lamb

When it comes to iconic wildcard contestants on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! over the past few years, Lady Colin Campbell and more recently, Larry Lamb are two names that definitely deserve a mention.

Both of the older celebrities have delighted us with their sassy comments and witty retorts, but did you know that the pair of them once had a sexy affair? Yep, that's exactly the mental image you needed today, right?

And while Larry is cavorting about in the jungle with Scarlett Moffatt and Adam Thomas and the rest of his stranded pals, Lady C has spoken to the Mirror about their affair which happened 38 years ago. It all sounds incredibly raunchy if you ask us.


He was gloriously attractive, pumping testosterone in all directions.
I like someone who is very bright, entertaining and fun at all times and in all locations. Larry was absolutely rampant, he was a very naughty boy.

Credit: ITV

Too much? Too bad. You clicked on this article knowing what you were getting into so here are even more details. Apparently the bawdy duo were so loud that one of Lady C's cousins had to tell them to keep it down. Several times. Yowzers.

Lady C's romance with Larry took place shortly after her acrimonious split from her former husband, Lord Colin Campbell. At the time of the dicvorce, Lord Campbell started to spread rumours that Lady C, whose real name is Georgia Arianna Campbell, had been born a boy and undergone gender reassignment surgery. In fact, Lady C had a genital malformation (a fused labia and a deformed clitoris) that led doctors to believe that she was male at her birth. She was subsequently raised as a male.

She said:


Of course Larry knew about it.
The one favour my ex-husband did by spreading those lies about me is he made sure that only men who were secure in their masculinity would thereafter be interested in me. Any man who had problems with their masculinity would run a mile.

And it seems that Lady C didn't really mind that Larry had announced that he 'wasn't cut out for monogamy at the time', in fact, when he did decide he wanted to settle down, that's when she called their relationship off.

She added:

That never bothered me at all because I've never been jealous. Most of the men in my world have mistresses. As long as I'm number one I don't care and Larry was very attentive.
As much as I loved and liked Larry I did not think we would be for the long haul.
He wanted to get married and I didn't think he was suitable. But we remained great friends for the next several years and I was a big part of his life and he was a big part of my life.

Lady C also spoke about how she helped to babysit Larry's son George, and spoke about the daughter he's never met. According to her, Larry is too sensitive to launch himself into his daughter's life,but it weighs heavily on his mind and she thinks he would appreciate it if his daughter reached out.

The former contestant also said that I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! and other reality television programmes of its kind could be in trouble going forward as the tasks can't conceivably keep getting more interesting to hold the public's attention:

I think ITV is going to have a problem, if everybody does all the trials, and they are more difficult than last year...what next?
Are they going to have sharks biting off their legs? Can it go any further? It's impossible! It's because everybody does the trials. After they have done the fifth odious trial, it is is going to be a problem for them.
They are going to have to get a group that aren't so determined to do a trial.

What do you think of all Lady C's scandalous claims? Was this exactly the information you really needed today? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: PA

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