Kieran Hayler Finally Reveals Why He Cheated On Katie Price

Katie Price and Kieran Hayer's relationship has never been far from the headlines, however former Dreamboy Kieran has finally opened up about why he cheated on his wife so many times.

The former lovers came face to face on national television for an emotional heart to heart in what would be one of their last conversations before they split up.

In the scene, which was filmed as part of Katie's new reality series My Crazy Life, the pair have a heated argument about why Kieran can't keep it in his pants.

Katie refers to her hubby as a 'devil' and tells him that even his own mum questions why she chooses to stay with him.

Although he doesn't offer Katie any answers, when he is alone with the camera he says: "In hindsight, I don't regret anything that's happened between me and Kate, I think it's all a journey and it's taught me and her some very harsh lessons in life.

"But I do believe maybe we should have taken things slower from the start.

"I regret every single time I've been unfaithful to Kate, I can't help it but now there's hopefully things in place to stop me doing it."

Discovery Channel
Discovery Channel

The coupled within a month of meeting each other in January 2013 and their son Jett was born seven months later in August.

When Jett was just three months old Katie became pregnant with their daughter Bunny, although she didn't find out that she was pregnant until she was five months pregnant - at which time she had just discovered Kieran was cheating with her best friend Jane Pountney.

Katie asks him: "There's never been a problem in our relationship, that's why I can't understand why he'd want to go with these other people. Why did you do it?"

"I don't know why I did it, I can't answer it but I know there's something there, that's why I'm seeking help," he responds.

"You know the difference between right and wrong, does it not cross your mind you shouldn't be doing this?"

He snaps: "No, it doesn't cross my mind it's wrong because it's not wrong at the time. It is wrong and I know it's wrong, that's why I've been going to therapy every week on a Thursday, I go to my therapist. I do it all, Kate."

When she's alone, Katie tells the camera: "It's easy to walk away from a relationship and it's harder to stay and work it out.

"I am a trier - I've got children involved and I don't want to hurt the children, so you've got to think I'd be hurting five little hearts, so you have to be sensible and do things right, which is what I'm trying to do."

Featured Image Credit: Discovery Channel

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