Jack Fincham And Dani Dyer Welcome New Puppy But Face Huge Backlash Over Their Decision

Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham have become 'parents' to an adorable bulldog puppy, but they have faced backlash over their decision.

The couple bought their new puppy, adorably named Sandy, from a breeder.

However fans have been expressing their disappointment over the couple's decision to buy and not adopt a pup.

Jack posted a picture of their new puppy on Instagram last night, but was forced to turn off the comments after they received messages from followers 'shaming' the couple for using a breeder.

Although no one can deny that Sandy is super cute, fans seemed disappointed that the Love Island winners didn't use their fame to 'promote adopting dogs' in a shelter who are in need of a loving home.

Dani also posted a video of Sandy on her Instagram yesterday, but was faced with hundreds of 'disappointed' comments.

One user wrote: "You could have used your 'fame' for good and showed everyone how amazing it is to adopt a dog from a shelter and promote that!

"Every time someone buys a dog from a breeder, a dog in a shelter loses out on a home and gets put down! If you were an 'animal lover' you would never buy a dog!"

Credit: Instagram/Jack Fincham
Credit: Instagram/Jack Fincham

Another added: "Very disappointed you guys have gone the breeder route and advertised the breeder.

"Now everyone is going to be getting a pup for Christmas like you guys and how many are going to land up homeless once the cute puppy phase is over?

"I really really hope you got to see the mum and dad of your pup and see that they were in a good state?? @jack_charlesf I see your comments have been turned off- I trust your followers are also p*ssed off with you guys for this? And so they should be! So disappointing [sic]!"

Credit: Instagram/Dani Dyer
Credit: Instagram/Dani Dyer

A third user also said: "There's plenty of dogs desperate for a forever home at Battersea and many other shelters across the country. You could have used your publicity to champion this but instead you've gone and bought one, that's one less home open for a homeless pup [sic]."

However, some fans were quick to defend Jack and Dani, pointing out it was their choice where they got their dog from.

One fan said: "Why can't you leave them alone it's their choice if they won't to buy the pup. By the way she is lush."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Jack Fincham

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