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Holly Willoughby Says Gemma Collins 'Needs To Be More Professional'

Holly Willoughby has taken a swipe at Gemma Collins' 'professionalism' while she's starring on Dancing On Ice.

Gemma, who found famed as 'The GC' on The Only Way Is Essex, had a nap backstage and left DOI early as she was 'a bit bored', something which Holly weighed in on during today's This Morning.


"Gemma wasn't performing this week, but as always she had the headlines," Dancing On Ice reporter and former Love Island star Kem Cetinay explained to Holly and Phillip Schofield.

He said: "We were preparing for the group routine rehearsal before - she was having a nap!"

Holly added: "We know very well what happened."

Credit: ITV/This Morning
Credit: ITV/This Morning

She went on to reveal that the entire studio, including the judges, had been left waiting for Gemma.

"We went into the live show, and then the last quarter of the show, she went home," Kem said of Gemma going home early. "Well I didn't know she went until after but then we saw this video and I was thinking, 'I don't know where Gemma is,' and I went to her dressing room and she wasn't there."


Kem insisted: "So I did speak to her after and she said she was a bit bored, but she does love skating."

But Holly replied: "The thing is I really love Gemma, you know I'm a big fan of Gemma's and I think she's great on the show I do, but I think there has to be a bit of professionalism that comes into any work you do, just a bit of pride in your work."

Credit: PA Images
Credit: PA Images

And Phil echoed: "In all the years I've been in television, I have never kept a studio waiting."

Excusing the reality star's behaviour, Kem said: "I think, she says it's not Gemma Collins, that's The GC."

To which Holly replied: "But then that's absolute rubbish, that's just a really good excuse to get away with stuff you don't want to do. I love that side of her, I do love it, but I do think professionalism will always outweigh that diva behaviour."

This Morning continues at 10.3am on weekdays over on ITV.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

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