Oh we do love a good bit of Twitter banter, especially when its in the form of shade from one ex-reality television contestant to another. Get yourself comfortable, because this is a good read.


Jess Shears has been EVERYWHERE lately. She's definitely doing well for herself since leaving the villa, from Instagram sponsorship, to TV interviews and magazine deals expressing plans of marriage, babies and home-owning with 6 week long beau, Dom.

You'd think that by being splashed all over the nation's media for the last few weeks would definitely result in her staying less than humble, I mean she's no Harley Judge *winks at Harley.* But apparently, it can be easy to think you're a tad bit too big for your boots, and whilst she's definitely a lot more famous than I'll ever be, she maybe needs to reel it in just a tad.

In a Tweet that's now been deleted by the ex-Islander, Jess announced 'Guys Dom and I will be at Voodoo next Wednesday in Manchester. You may see us wondering around the city but no meet and greets planned x'.

Oh, Jess. That's definitely not #StayingHumble at ALL! However, one ex Islander made a slight dig at Jess's meet and greet comment.

Kady McDermott from 2016's Love Island took to her Twitter to 'harmlessly' let her fans know about her busy day. It included things like bleaching the house, a light bit of shopping...

Innocent, right? Well it all was until she followed it up with this...

We didn't know the little 'Pocket Rocket' had such a good sense of humour! Apparently, neither did Twitter, because a lot of fans rushed to comment on Kady's hilarious tweet.

Its all a bit of banter really isn't it.

Kady and Scott returned to Lorraine recently to discuss potentially going back into the villa and their future together...

Credit: ITV Lorraine


We're gonna be on the Pretty52 site all day, but I'm afraid there's no meet and greets planned at this time.

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