Kylie Jenner has kept everyone waiting over the last few months, constantly speculating whether she is or isn't pregnant.

Considering she is noticeably absent from her role as social media Queen, and hasn't been seen properly in public in a very long time, one is definitely left to presume she's hiding something from us all. But whether or not it's her 'impending motherhood' is a whole question in itself.

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Because we've all been left to wonder for so long, multiple theories have been circulating the web about just why Kylie would be so silent, and the main one that stands out has a lot to do with her cosmetic surgery.

Years ago, Kylie admitted that she had always been unhappy with the way her lips looked naturally, and while she told the world she was just 'very skilled at overlining her lips', she eventually revealed she had actually gotten work done on an episode of KUWTK. I think fair play to her TBH, it's her body and if you have the money to change what you want to make yourself happy then do it. It's 2018, people!

But one thing that you're not allowed to do when your pregnant is inject filler into your lips, obvs. So many fans have speculated whether or not she's gone into hiding until she can return to her 'former glory.' So if she is pregnant, then could this be the reason why we haven't seen the reality star for a while?

One person shared a tweet saying: "My theory is that @KylieJenner really is pregnant and she hasn't been seen in public because she isn't allowed lip filler so her lips are thin af and she just isn't ok with this hun."

Many fans have pointed out that she received quite a bit of a hard time from fans when she didn't reveal her lips, so that they can't really blame the star for wanting to keep quiet during the 'pregnancy'. Bodies can change, and for someone in the public eye it can definitely be difficult to try and keep up the appearance of how you're 'supposed to look'. I mean, we all remember how brutal some people were to Kim K when she was pregnant, just for putting on a bit of weight.

If I had the money to stay completely hidden away while I was pregnant, and put the correct amount of care into my body that needed then I definitely would. Why the hell not, ay?

What do you think, is this why Kylie hasn't been very active over the last few months?

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