If you've been keeping up to date with all the drama in reality TV world, you'll know that even though Love Island hasn't even started yet, we've already got gossip for days.

TOWIE's Jon Clark lashed out at his supposed girlfriend Chloe Crowhurst after he apparently woke up to the shocking news that she was going on Love Island. He wrote in a scathing Instagram post:

So this was my gf chloe and she lived with me for last 6 months at my house we done everything together!! And the hole time she was going behind my back! To get on love island anyone that knows the pair is knows we was in a relationship! And have been for at least 7 months! She even came and picked a puppy up with me last week! And stayed at mine the night before she flew to @loveisland I can't believe I've been had over is such a way! She is totally fraud! She didn't even break up with me just her phone went off and her mum said she dropped it down the toilet! I'm gutted to think that someone I let be part my family for so long can do this!! I feel sorry for any guy she gets with on the island!!

Oh snap.

It didn't take long for Chloe to hit back, claiming that she'll be telling her side of the story when the series starts.

Reports have been circulating that he was sexting people behind her back and that this is her "revenge", although this isn't confirmed as of yet. Chloe tweeted,

Jon's brother Chris Clark, who you might also know from TOWIE and from dating Little Mix's Jesy Nelson, attempted to throw some sassy shade Chloe's way with his recent tweet.

However, if you've been on any of his social media platforms recently, you'll know that Little Mix fans aren't over the Jesy debacle, and believed he used her for fame. And they aren't afraid to let him know...

He just can't escape the snake emojis. Ever.

Oh dear. Maybe one day they'll forgive you Chris.

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