Sponsored posts are just a fact of life if you follow any kind of reality television personality on Instagram. Occasionally they get things just right by being subtle and gently putting a product in the background of a selfie, while other times they're about as low-key as a bull in a china shop.

Charlotte Crosby's sponsored posts usually tend to be the latter, but aside from being a minor annoyance, they're just a thing that most people tend to live with. However, one of Charlotte's fans has recently taken to Twitter to call her out for this very misleading post:

Love your hair ? Treat it from the inside too. I've been taking @hairburst for a while it's great :information_desk_person:seriously check these guys out! I've been an extension wearer for years which can be very damaging, Hairburst strengthens it and using good products also really helps

Can you spot the issue with the post? Well, one fan, social media consultant Jennifer Rosellen, has called out Charlotte for continuing to wear her extensions despite showing off a product that she claims will help those who wear extensions.

As Jennifer says, surely if Charlotte is promoting a product that heals hair damaged by extensions, she should show us what her hair looks like without her extensions in! Otherwise how is anyone supposed to know that the product works.

And judging by the other photo that Jennifer shared, the vitamins don't really seem to do much at all. Awkward.

What do you think? Is Jennifer right to call out Charlotte on this vaguely disingenuous post or does that just come with the territory of reality television sponsored posts?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

Jack Rear

Jack is a writer at Pretty52. He's a got a lot of enthusiasm for video-games, superheroes, and reading. He's not above dishing out some serious sass either.

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