Cee Lo Green is no stranger to experimenting with fashion.

The 42-year-old singer rocked this unique look at the GRAMMYs back in 2011.

Credit: PA

Even his less intense outfit choices pack a punch.

Credit: Instagram

But those get-ups have got nothing on what the Atlanta-born artist wore to last night's GRAMMYs.

Before we show you what went down, we managed to get a hold of the text exchange between Cee Lo and his stylist prior to the awards, to give you an idea of the thinking behind the highly unusual aesthetic.*

Cee Lo: 'Yo so the grammys is in two weeks man and I need to make a statement. I gotta do somethin' different, somethin' special that is gunna blow the roof off that building man. I can't be doin' no tuxedo sh*t. None of that james bond trash. This gotta be a moment. This gotta be bold man.'

Stylist: 'Let's go gold.'

Cee Lo: 'Like a gold tux? I thought I told you no gold man.'

Stylist: 'No. Let's literally paint you gold and make you look like a Ferrero Rocher.'

Cee Lo: 'Man, this is why I pay you so freakin' much. Love that sh*t.'

And yes, this was the actual GRAMMYs look and not a test run that went drastically wrong.

Predictably, the meme squad were out in full force.

According to the man himself, he is dressed as his brand new alter ego, Gnarly Davidson, who arrived on the scene last year with his debut single, 'F*ck me, I'm Famous'.

But we're not going to lie, this whole act is doing absolutely nothing for us.

*We didn't actually manage to grab the texts between Cee Lo and his stylist. We don't even know if he has a stylist. Judging by last night's outfit, probably not.

Featured Image Credit: Ferrero Rocher/PA

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