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​Bloke Reckons Cure To Hay Fever Is Rubbing Your Hands In Stinging Nettles

Anyone who has ever suffered from hay fever will happily go to whatever length it takes to ease the symptoms. As you sneeze and splutter your way through the summer months, eyes streaming, it takes no time at all for us to give up and grab the anti-histamines - or the gin, apparently.

One man reckons he's got the ultimate cure... but warns that it's not for the faint hearted.


This should probably go without saying, but we're not really sure you should try this one at home.

The Mirror reports that the man, Goran Pavlovic, believes opting for stinging nettles should sort you out. And we don't mean nettle tea or nettle soup, but actually stinging yourself with the prickly leaves on purpose.

Pavlovic shared his experience on Facebook, writing: "All my life I suffered from hay fever . I pretty much choked to death every summer.

"Then, few years ago, an old man (crazy old man according to my wife) told me to try nettles.

"Basically, as soon as the spring starts, he told me, and the first nettles sprout out, pick a bunch and sting myself with them.


"Do that once a week until the end of autumn. Apparently this would make my immune system concentrate on nettles and forget about the pollen...

"To my wife's horror and the amusement of the fellow walkers in parks and forests, I soon started the "therapy".

"This is my hand in the nettles bush. And lo and behold it worked...I haven't had any problems with pollen for 3 years now.

"So there you have it. Just wanted to share with you my experience. Just in case someone is interested in use of herbs for medicinal purposes...

"And as the law requires, here is the disclaimer: don't do this at home."

Hmm, sounds painful. Thankfully, there's another way that *apparently* works, and this one is decidedly more appealing.

Remember that gin we mentioned? Well, according to science, that's also your answer.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

According to Elle, beer and some other drinks contain histamine which (as you've probably worked out with your common sense) is the opposite of your hay fever tablets.

Yes, beer contains the exact substance that's released in your body when you have an allergic reaction. Damn. As a result, it can worsen your hay fever - or any other allergic reaction, for that matter -and even trigger asthma symptoms.

Asthma UK says: "As well as ethanol (pure alcohol), alcoholic drinks contain a natural food chemical called histamine, which is found at particularly high levels in red wine and some beers."

Asthma UK added: "64 per cent of people with asthma say certain types of alcohol triggers their symptoms. Red wine is the main culprit, followed by white wine, beer and then cider."

The drinks with the fewest sulphites and histamines is the kind of drink you should be going for. So crack open a cold one with the girls and... a G&T. Or vodka.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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