Rumour has it that Disney are working on a remake of the 1993 film, Hocus Pocus, and we are feeling all kinds of nostalgic.

Remember it?

Credit: Disney

For those of you that are too young to remember the film (damn we feel old RN), in short, the story follows three witches, who are inadvertently brought to life after a teenager visits an abandoned house and accidentally releases them.

The screenplay also includes the timeless classic song 'I put a spell on you', which may we add, is an unforgettable scene.

The new and updated version of the movie is reportedly being written by The Royals' Scarlett Lacey, with the original producer, David Kirschner also on-board.

As exciting as it may seem, we couldn't help but feel a little disappointed when we found out that the remake won't be featuring the original cast or director.

I mean, will it really be the same without the day one duo?

Bette Midler, Kathy Nagimy and Sarah Jessica Parker stole the show as the villainous witches, back in the 90s, so it's hard to imagine anyone else playing the part.


Credit: Disney

It's been 24 years since the original film hit our screens, and we are wondering why on earth they haven't done this sooner.

The writer of the cult film, Martin Garris, spoke to Forbes, where he gave his thoughts on the new, re-imagined version of the movie, despite not being directly involved. But anyway.

Garris said that he had heard that the production was 'moving ahead', and explained why he thought it would be a 'big mistake' not to include the original cast.

He told Forbes: "There have been rumours of a Hocus Pocus sequel for the last 10 years that will not die. I have heard they are developing the script.

"I haven't been involved in it but I think there will be a sequel, it might be for Disney Channel or Freeform or ABC. I think it will be for television but I hear that it is moving ahead."

When asked whether he knew if the existing cast members would be involved, he said: "I think they are, yeah, I think they are. If they don't do that I think it would be a big mistake because all three of them are still so incredibly potent and powerful and great performers - and who else can recreate those characters?"


Credit: Disney

We ain't gonna lie. It's going to be tough to fill those shoes. But who knows, we could be pleasantly surprised.

Either way, we are definitely down for a nostalgic revisit to the magical realms of Hocus Pocus.

There will definitely be a lot of sceptics out there, who are dubious as to whether the new one could ever live up to the old one, but we think it's worth giving it a chance. Has Disney ever let us down before?

As for those who have never seen the film, well, we suggest you go home and educate your damn self.

Stephanie Shaw

Stephanie Shaw is an Intern at PRETTY52. She has previously worked as a style and social media intern for Vauhaus modelling agency MCR, as well as assisting celebrity stylist Grace Joel on high fashion campaigns with brands such as Burberry.

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