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This Bed 'Moves Your Partner Back To Their Side' When They're Hogging Yours

Ross' 'hug and roll' technique may not have gone so well for Chandler, when his efforts to reclaim his side of the bed resulted in Janice being thrown to the floor. But now, over 20 years later, Ford have finally come up with a solution to bed-space hoggers coined the 'Lane Keeping Bed.'

Using the same smart technology that keeps their cars in the centre of their lane, the bed can sense when someone has overstepped the imaginary middle-of-the-bed boundary (don't pretend that doesn't exist) and gently, yet firmly rolls them back to their own side.


It uses motion-control technology, a revolving mattress, and pressure sensors to adjust both sleepers throughout the night, ensuring that, whichever side they've slept on, they retain their fair share of mattress space and get a good night's sleep.

Credit: Unsplash
Credit: Unsplash

Sleep expert and author, Dr Neil Stanley, who worked on the project, explained: "When sleeping together, many couples each have less space than a small child has in a single bed. Humans are most vulnerable when sleeping, so we're programmed to wake when something or someone touches us unexpectedly.

"If someone moves onto your side of the bed this defence mechanism will kick in and you'll have a broken night, often while they continue to sleep soundly. I've seen it ruin relationships."

And anyone who's experienced a night of their partner tossing and turning your side of the bed into theirs will agree all your sleep-deprived anger will be directed at the main culprit - your S.O.

Credit: Ford
Credit: Ford


The smart, potentially relationship-saving bed is part of a series by the iconic car manufacturer called 'Interventions'. The series investigates how the cutting-edge technology, which powers their cars, can improve our daily lives off, as well as on, the road.

Another 'Intervention' was a noise-cancelling dog kennel to make the sometimes-frightening bangs and whistles from fireworks around Bonfire night easier for our fur babies, and there are more 'Interventions' being worked on right now.

The genius bed isn't available to buy at the moment, but if enough sleep-deprived consumers show interest, it could happen and keep unwelcome big spoons on their side of the bed.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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