Pokémon And Tamagotchi Are Teaming Up To Help You Relive Your Childhood

Let's be honest, Pokémon and Tamagotchi pretty much defined our childhoods in the nineties and the early noughties.

Although we might be classed as adults, we will never turn down an opportunity to relive our youth and a rumoured Pokémon and Tamagotchi collaboration sounds like the perfect way to do just that.

According to promotional material leaked on a Japanese message board, the two brands will be working together to create a new pocket-sized toy.

Credit: Serebii
Credit: Serebii

There will be two Eevee-themed Tamgotchi Nanos available in either a brown or pink colour casing.

Following the usual format of a Tamagotchi, users will look after their own Eevee and, based on your care, it will evolve into one of its eight evolutions.

The collaboration is rumoured to be released to celebrate the new Pokémon: Let's Go games, but it is unknown whether there will be a Pikachu version of the pocket toy.

Credit: Nintendo/Pokémon
Credit: Nintendo/Pokémon

Pokémon released a Pocket Pikachu in the past, however an official Tamagotchi collaboration for the electric creature.

No official details have been released just yet, however we're keeping all our fingers crossed that this 90s kid's dream collaboration happens.

In September, it was announced that our favourite pocket sized pets would be making a comeback.

The re-lease was rolled out in two different generations, with generation one being required to guess the pet's next move and generation two featuring a guessing game.

The egg-shaped toys will be $19.99 (£15.15) which is a little bit more expensive than the £9.99 we used to pay years ago but we'll accept it.

A representative from the Japanese toy manufacturer behind the Tamagotchi, Bandai, told Hype Beast: "Bandai has decided to bring back the original Tamagotchi with some new additions that will keep the classic look and feel of the original game, but the new colours that will bring the device to life like never before."

Featured Image Credit: Amazon/Nintendo/Pokémon

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