Aldi is selling a pair of headphones, which look almost identical to Dre Solo3 Beats, but without the outrageous price tag.

That's right. Christmas came early this year, people.

The affordable version can be purchased for just £16.99 at Aldi, which is just a fraction of the whopping £219.99 that Beats are being sold for at Argos.

Pass me the goods and call me Beyoncé.


FYI, the supermarket version is compatible with all Bluetooth devices, including iPhones and smartphones.

They also come complete with a rechargeable battery, a 40mm dynamic speaker and an adjustable headband with soft cushioned ear pads.

What's not to love?

I mean, we aren't all as lucky as these graduates, who were kindly donated a pair of Beats headphones each by none other than world famous rapper, Eminem...

Credit: MLive

Obviously, with such a wide price gap, there has to be some differences. Mainly being the Beats having up to 40 hours battery life and noise cancelling technology.

But hey, we're willing to compromise.

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Also, just look how pretty they look. We can't decide whether we prefer rose gold, black or white...

Credit: Aldi

Credit: Aldi

Obviously, Beats are famous for their impeccable sound quality, so don't be disappointed if Aldi's version aren't quite as impressive in the sound department.

But, for us mere mortals who don't care too much about sound quality (just as long as we can hear that beat), I'm sure they'll do just fine.

Maybe you could even pass these off as the real thing as a Christmas present? We won't tell.

Stephanie Shaw

Stephanie Shaw is an Intern at PRETTY52. She has previously worked as a style and social media intern for Vauhaus modelling agency MCR, as well as assisting celebrity stylist Grace Joel on high fashion campaigns with brands such as Burberry.

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