Women Are Throwing Period Parties For Their Daughters To End Stigma

Women are throwing their daughters 'period parties' to celebrate their first ever period to help end the stigma still surrounding them. With statistics suggesting that nearly half of girls are embarrassed by their periods, it's time to try and stop the shame they may feel and celebrate them instead.

And now parents have come up with their own way of ending the stress and anxiety girls surrounding first menstrual cycles.

Lots of countries all around the world already mark a young woman's first menstrual cycle with their own traditions - in Japan, some families eat rice and beans. In some Indian communities, women are given a special ceremony called Ruthu Sadangu.

Slowly but surely, period parties are picking up in popularity here in the UK and in the US, and Pinterest is full of ideas to get you started. There are even companies to do all the hard work for you.

From white chocolate-coated pretzels shaped like tampons drizzled with red sauce to specially-made red velvet cakes with candles to blow out and uterus-shaped piñata, the parties can be both fun and informative.

Party bags can be full of menstrual cycle essentials: tampons and sanitary towels in a range of different flows plus other periods products as well as chocolate to curb cravings and hot water bottles to soothe cramps.

One young woman, Brooke Lee, went viral in 2017 (then aged 12) with her own first period party in Jacksonville, Florida, and her celebration included cake, pizza and baskets full of menstrual products.

Credit: Pinterest
Credit: Pinterest

At the time, Brooke's mum told Buzzfeed that she wanted to host the party for her daughter as she was "anxious to have her period" and wanted "to make this event a little more fun".

A number of celebs have also jumped on the trend, so it seems like its growing. In 2018, Comedian Bert Kreischer revealed his daughter had organised her own period party, who told him "all the girls are throwing them".

This is a trend we are totally here for.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/HelloFlo

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