These Flowers Have A Real Life P.S. I Love You Story Behind Them

It's fair to say we all love receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers from a loved one. There's no better way to let someone close to you know that you're thinking about them.

But the story behind this particular bouquet is much more meaningful, and is almost identical to the plot behind PS. I Love You.

Kayla Miller, from West Virginia, posted this image to Facebook along with a heartbreaking story about one of her colleagues,

They are from her husband who passed away two years ago. Every holiday/ birthday since his passing she has been receiving flowers, presents, and jewellery from him. Before he passed he lined all of this up for her so she wouldn't feel alone on those days that would be the hardest to spend apart.

Beautiful. Someone pass the tissues, stat!

Clara Lonsdale

Clara is the Editorial Assistant at Pretty52. When she isn’t trying to create a fab third-person bio, she can be found binge-watching Pretty Little Liars, rummaging through her massive lipstick collection and drinking her body weight in caramel lattes.

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