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The Sketchbook This Artist Uses To 'Warm Up' Is Insanely Good

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Do you ever see someone else's talents and get a little annoyed that even with basically no effort they're a million times better than you'll ever be at whatever their chosen field might be? We're definitely getting a serious case of talent envy when we look at the works of Anna Bucciarelli.

She shared her 'warm up' sketchbook with Bored Panda and we're blown away. If this is what she does to get her creative juices flowing then we dread to think how insanely talented she must be when she's working at full-power!

Before working on a large scale project, I use my sketchbook as a 'warm up' by painting shapes and colour combinations that are inspired by nature, but can never occur together in the same place. These visual investigations help get my creative juices flowing and develop my ideas further.
In this sketchbook, I mostly worked with flowers and sea creatures, developing familiarity with natural forms and textures, so I can later translate them into big watercolour pieces. I painted flora and fauna from a range of angles and in a range of different mediums, including watercolours, ink markers and colour crayons.

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