It's been 10 years since Chris Crocker begged us all to 'leave Britney alone' - doesn't that make you feel old? The clip was one of the first to go viral, before 'going viral' was even a phrase people used.


I remember the first time I ever watched the video, and I would sit and watch it over and over again in my room. I even enjoyed the videos that came after the 'leave Britney' fame for Chris.

I can quite honestly say he was the first YouTuber that I actually followed on the internet, before the likes of Jenna Marbles and Tati Westbrook came along.

So, what's Chris learnt in those 10 long years? Well, he's made another video to let us know and he also offers some pretty sound advice:

Credit: Twitter/Chris Crocker

The original video racked up over four million views in two days, which might not sound like much by today's standards, but this was in 2007, when going viral was a lot harder - social media was in its infancy, we didn't have Internet-enabled smartphones and no one knew what 4G was.

Chris overcame all of this and went on to go viral, becoming one of the first YouTube stars of the 2000s.


Chris, who was just 19 at the time, might have become a laughing stock, but he was going through a lot in his life at the time. Following on from his video, Chris posted this message to give a bit more background to what he was dealing with at the time:

And whatever you think of the dye job and eyeliner, his heart was in the right place. He was defending his favourite pop star when she was going through a rough time, dealing very publicly with divorce, drug addiction and losing custody of her children. If anyone tried to offend Lady Gaga the way that people went at Britney, I think I'd get my camera poised at the ready under my bedsheets too. Cheeky

Since his video emerged, Chris has kept himself busy by becoming a blogger, public speaker and singer-songwriter and he also stared in an... erm, 'adult film' called Chris Crocker's Raw Love.

Most importantly, it looks like 19-year-old Chris got his wish, because people pretty much do leave Britney alone now.

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