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Schoolboy's Letter To Teacher Explaining Why He Didn't Do His Homework Goes Viral

A young boy's hilarious letter to his teacher explaining why he didn't complete his homework over the weekend has gone viral.

Edward Cortez, 14, from California, was asked by his school teacher to pen a few words on why he failed to hand in an assignment.

And choosing an honest approach to the task at hand, Edward explained how his weekends are supposed to be purely downtime and he wants only wants to do things that make him happy - something we can probably all relate to on a Sunday evening.


"I didn't do my homework because I don't want to do school work over the weekend because it's a stress-free time to go out with friends, watch TV and play games," penned the schoolboy.

He continued: "I don't do it also because it makes me very mad and unhappy. I do what makes me happy because I want to be happy plus my mom has been finding gray hairs, not trying to stress out dog [sic].

"Homework is not a real thing in the real world so we should not have to do it in school because it's not useful."

Well, he's got a point.

Injecting more sass into his letter, Edward concluded: "Case closed, the court rule in favor of Edward Immanuel Cortez in the case of student vs homework."


The note scribbled on lined paper with pencil was shared on social media by a family member.

Sharing a picture of the letter, they tweeted: "So my cousin and his wife got an email from their sons teacher. He didn't do his hw so she asked him to write a paper saying why he didn't do his hw and this is what she got..."

Twitter users were quick to react to the letter, declaring that Edward should be a lawyer when he's older.

"He about to grow up and be a lawyer," declared one person.

While somebody else added: "That paper is better than whatever homework assignment he didn't do."

We wonder if his teacher saw the funny side...

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

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