You Could Be Sitting On Thousands Of Pounds If You Own Any Of These Polly Pockets

No matter what era you were born in, chances are you had a Polly Pocket. But if you've managed to keep hold of one of the rarer ones, you could be sitting on a goldmine.

Over on Ebay, some of the older generation compacts and other Polly Pocket products are fetching thousands of pounds, which you might still have stashed away in your attic or old childhood bedroom.

And if you were smart enough to keep your toys still in the plastic packaging as a kid, they could be worth hundreds of pounds more.

Polly Pocket Princess Treasures Jewel Secrets Case 1997 - £1,250

Credit: Ebay/Megell2006
Credit: Ebay/Megell2006

This Polly Pocket from 1997 is now classed as vintage, and could fetch you a hefty £1,250 over on Ebay if it's still in its original packaging. Even if it isn't, it still might fetch a bob or two.

Polly's house looked like a pearl-encrusted jewellery box, and comes with a dining area and bedroom, plus some outside space with a deckchair for our Pol.

The Princess Treasures Jewel Secrets Case also had a few hidden features like a swimming pool, and the handle detached into a bracelet for the owner.

Polly Pocket Pollyville Pop-Up Party Clubhouse 1994 - £300

Credit: Ebay/Megell2006
Credit: Ebay/Megell2006

While this one might not be as expensive as the latter, it's still worth a fair penny on Ebay.

If you still have Polly's clubhouse in its packaging, then you could see it going for £300 on the auction site.

This toy came with an impressive five figures to play with, and folded out into a humble abode for Polly and her pals to play in.

Polly Pocket Superstar Shooting Star Hair Slides 1992 - £700

Credit: Ebay/Megell2006
Credit: Ebay/Megell2006

It's not just the plastic toys that can make you a tidy little earning either.

These ultra nostalgic hair slides would have been all the rage in 1992, and if you still have some hidden away in their packaging, you could list them on Ebay for £700.

We best start raiding our old hair accessories collection.

Polly Pocket Classroom On The Go School Bus 1996 - £365

Credit: Ebay/mmur1085
Credit: Ebay/mmur1085

One of these yellow school buses can fetch almost £400 on the bidding site, as long as it was never opened.

With these 1996 toys, Polly and her mate Rosie could enjoy learning on the special school bus, complete with a fancy computer area.

The wheels actually turned around on the Polly Pocket, and it also came with a mini removable painting easel.

Polly Pocket Pollville Light-Up Hotel Villa 1994 - £300

Credit: Ebay/Megell2006
Credit: Ebay/Megell2006

This light-up hotel was super fancy back in 1994, and came with four little characters to play with.

By tapping the house's chimney, the roof and the chandelier inside lit up.

If you've still got one of these in the original packaging, you could see it sell for around £300 on Ebay.

Polly Pocket Polly's Secret Garden Locket 1994 - £299

Credit: Ebay/Rodbourne2188
Credit: Ebay/Rodbourne2188

This adorable toy is a serious piece for collectors, as it will fetch up to £299 online - not too bad with Christmas just around the corner.

Polly's secret garden comes with pop-up flowers, as well as a little bunny in the garden and a statue-like figure for the garden.

Of course, Polly was also included, and the compact came with a golden locket on the side to store a photo for the owner.

Polly Pocket Secret Diary Electronic Diary 1995 - £750

Credit: Ebay/Megell2006
Credit: Ebay/Megell2006

While it's not necessarily a traditional locket, this electronic diary is one of the more expensive collector pieces.

The heart-shaped electronic diary made sure that you kept on track of your busy social life as a kid.

If you have one of these bad boys hidden away, it's basically a winning lottery ticket.

Featured Image Credit: Flickr

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