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We Finally Know Who Didn't Flush The Sh*t In Hilarious Viral Video

For the last five years, the people of the internet have been left wondering, who didn't know how to flush their sh*t?

Lizzie Brash unknowingly became an internet sensation when she interrupted her daughters, Kimberly and Becky G, performing Cher Lloyd by Cher Lloyd on webcam, to blast them for not flushing the toilet. In case you've been living under a rock for the last half a decade, feast your eyes on this...


"Why does somebody not know how to flush the toilet after they've had a sh*t?!" she burst in shouting.

"It wasn't me," the younger sister denied.

"Well, it was f*cking one of yas... DISGUSTING!"

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

After five years of memes, incredible viral videos and whole lot of wondering, it has finally been revealed who didn't flush.

A webcam video has emerged of the younger sister, aka Becky G, admitting: "It was me that done the sh*t in the toilet. Whoever thought it wasn't me... it was me, to surprise you.


"Who doesn't even know how to flush the toilet after they've done a sh*t? It was me!"

What a revelation.

Five years after the incredible piece of internet content was filmed, Lizzie has revealed she still gets her catchphrase shouted at her.

A friend of hers told The Sun: "Lizzie is mortified by the whole thing.

"She would be in Tesco and people would shout, 'Disgustin!'

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

"Workies would be hanging out their vans shouting at them too.

"The girls get it all the time from other kids at school. It's relentless.

"Even when they were on holiday in Scarborough, folk were shouting the catchphrases."

The hilarious clip has since been made into an endless stream of memes and viral videos, and the hype doesn't seem like it's about to die anytime soon.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube

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