You probably didn't want to hear it again but in case you haven't heard, we're heading into a general election on 8th June.

I know what you're thinking here: it's a straight up fight between the Conservatives and Labour for who will become our next leader. Well, not if one petition has anything to do with it.

Step aside Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, the people are calling for a new top dog in town...

Credit: BBC

Documentary filmmaker and full-time legend, Louis Theroux.

The petition titled 'Make Louis Theroux prime minister, because the political class is failing' heralds the 46-year-old BBC documentary as 'one of the most understanding, smart and trusted men in the UK' who 'has more skills to work out what is best for post-Brexit Britain than May, Farage and Corbyn combined'.

It continues: "Since the EU referendum in Britain, politicians, experts and those with the country in their hands have failed to show they are capable of leading the nation during this complex time.

"We call on the government to accept that the only right thing to do is appoint presenter, documentary maker and national treasure Louis Theroux as the next prime minister.

"And if he fails, at least he can make a bloody good film about it (or become leader of the opposition and fire some pretty great questions around the Houses of Parliament)."


They've even put forward a #LouisForPM hashtag for people to pledge their allegiance to him.

The petition has 2,247 supporters at the time of writing and you can sign it here.

Go on. You know you want to.

This article originally appeared on LADbible.

Featured Image Credit: PA

James Dawson

James Dawson is a Trending Journalist at LADbible. He has contributed articles to LADbible’s ‘Knowing Me, Knowing EU’ series on the EU referendum, the ‘U OK M8?’ series tackling mental health amongst young men, and for its ‘Climate Change’ initiative in partnership with National Geographic.

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