People Are Fuming Over This Fake Pet Butler Animal Vest

Shoppers have been getting themselves pretty riled up with this animal vest, which appears to turn your beloved pets into your own personal butler.

The product has divided the nation into two teams - people who can't even stand to see a dressed-up animal, and people who think it is the best thing since sliced bread.

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

The imagery for the Pet Butler shows a pooch serving its owner some cheesy nachos and beers, a cat carrying a bowl of juicy strawberries, and a hamster with a pot of toothpicks on its back for when you'll all done eating.

But what they haven't realised is that this isn't actually a product, but is instead a prank box, which is completely empty inside. It is still pretty convincing though!

One shopper slammed: "Ridiculous product. Have more respect for your pets than to buy this stupid product

"What an insult to your loyal pet. Their body shapes aren't equipped to haul heavy loads on their backs. If you really dislove your pet so much and what to cause them injuries then go ahead [sic]."

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

"Get up and serve your own snacks to people instead of abusing your pets for your entertainment. What is wrong with you c*ckwombles," hit out somebody else.

Another person pointed out: "Haha I like the idea of the beers but on the other hand it's just cruel to dress up a dog. Having said that we could get the cat one if cats were any good at listening to people."

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

"Cruelty to animals. As Humans we domestic them, put little tutu's on them, carry them around in bags please enough already. Let them be dogs and happy," slated a fourth.

Other people did realise that it was all one big joke though, and a different shopper laughed: "I always thought it would be great if my dog could help bring in the groceries. Maybe we could make it work with this!!"

"My life is complete!" declared another.

So, if you would like to purchase an empty box to wind up your best mates, you can get one off Amazon for approximately £5.61.

Happy pranking!

Featured Image Credit: Amazon

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