You Can Now Get An Electric Blanket That Connects To Your Car

If there's one thing that really puts you off wanting to drive to work in the winter, the freezing cold temperature of your car is definitely it.

Most cars come with heating but we all know it takes forever to work, however, you can now keep yourself warm and snug with a heated blanket for your car.

The electric heated blanket by Stalwart plugs into your cigarette lighter. It works with cars, trucks, SUVs, and RVs and the cord is almost 2.5 metres long so it can reach any seat in the car.

Credit: Amazon/Stalwart
Credit: Amazon/Stalwart

Only two of the fleece designs are available on UK Amazon and they're priced at £26.62 for a plain navy blue blanket or £34.09 for the black and white checked design.

They also have a red and a green checked design available on their US Amazon page.

However, just to note, the blanket doesn't come with an on or off switch so heats up as soon as it is plugged in, so I would make sure you have easy access to the cigarette lighter to switch it off if it gets too hot.

Credit: Amazon/Stalwart
Credit: Amazon/Stalwart

The blanket has received rave reviews on Amazon. One happy customer wrote: "I am absolutely in love with this blanket. I received it as a Christmas present and I am the type of person that is always cold (seriously, there are pictures of me in a sweatshirt in the Bahamas).

"I will either use it as a blanket in the car, or I will keep it on the seat and have it act as a seat warmer. When I go out and start my car on old NJ mornings, I keep this on the seat for it to heat up, and either make it a blanket, or keep it there on my way to work. I love the colours and pattern also, so that was a plus!"

If you want to buy a heated blanket that will work both in your car and at home, you could also purchase a USB blanket.

Rather than only having a cigarette lighter adaptor, the blanket just has a USB lead meaning you can plug it into any USB adaptor, meaning you can be nice and snug wherever you are.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon/Stalwart

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