There's nothing quite like a relaxing bath when you're feeling the stress. TBF, baths are just perfect for just about anything, especially thinking. I do some of my best thinking when I'm in the tub, but that's easily aided by a fabulous bath bomb.

Bath bombs have always been around, but in the last few years Lush have really upped the game as far as tub-time relaxation goes. You can get all kinds now, rainbow unicorn ones, glitter filled bath bombs, even KFC chicken flavoured ones. There's so many to choose from sometime that you almost think 'where else could this trend possibly go?'

But it appears Lush have pushed out the boat again, and have brought out a GIANT bath bomb that's six times the size of a normal one. SIX times, that's crazy?!

The magnificent treat is a bigger version of their already loved Golden Wonder bath bomb, and will set you back £12.95 - which considering it weighs 2.5lbs is a PRETTY good deal. This would actually be such a good present for that BFF of yours whose obsessed with taking baths, or you could just go ahead and treat yo'self to it. Go big or go home, right?

You can buy it online on their website, or you can buy it in store.

Failing that, if you don't fancy supersizing your bath-time fun, you could always take a look at their Harry Potter-inspired bath bomb.


The Dark Arts bath bomb is inspired by the film, and it's just as bewitching as you might think.

Credit: Lush

At first glance, it doesn't actually look as pretty as the rest of their bath products, as it is dark grey and not usually a colour you'd want your water to turn! It kind of looks like it'd look like you hadn't had a wash in MONTHS.

But once it's popped into your bath, a 'Love Potion', just like in the film, pours out of the centre making the spellbound water shimmer. How amazing is that!? FYI it's not going to make people fall in love with you though.

Each bomb is just £4.95 making it the perfect gift for any of your wizard or witch friends.

You can watch this mesmerising bath bomb in action:

Credit: Youtube/Lush/All Things Lush

"When you're feeling like going to the dark side, dabble in the dark arts, slither into a hot bath and cast this Jelly Bomb into the water," reads the Lush website.

The bath bomb is also part of Lush's jelly range, which turns your water into a jelly-like consistency, making it even cooler. I actually can't wait to try this now.

It is said to be infused with almond essential oil, Brazilian orange oil, and cinnamon leaf oil, making it smell INCREDIBLE, and also great for your skin. "Relax and restore yourself and rise anew from the cinders," says Lush.

There's also the Cloak of Invisibility bath bomb, and a Divination one too.

Cloak of Invisibility. Credit: Lush

Divination. Credit: Lush

BRB, heading off to Lush to get some treats!

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