Dream Job Alert: Chester Zoo Needs Someone To Look After The Giraffes

Sometimes sitting at my desk, I sit and think about how wonderful it would be if I could just travel the world, or spend every day surrounded by animals. I absolutely adore giraffes, they're my favourite animals of all time.

When I was about 7-years-old I saw my first giraffe at Chester Zoo, and I remember being blown away by their sheer size, and majestic beauty. They're just gorgeous creatures, and they're so playful and placid! What's not to love, ay?


So imagine my sheer excitement when I'm scrolling the internet and come across a job application from Chester Zoo, saying that they're currently looking for a new giraffe keeper. It's fine though, because they can stop looking - I'm right here.


The Lead Keeper for the giraffes will supervise students and volunteers, working alongside Keepers to undertake the daily animal care duties, focusing on husbandry and welfare. However, there are a few issues with this dream job - you have to be actually qualified for it.

To apply for the role, you need:

  • Have a HND or degree level qualification in a zoological related science or equivalent experience
  • Have extensive knowledge and expertise in animal husbandry and management with a focus on giraffe or okapi
  • Have experience of working in a Zoo/Safari park setting and of operant conditioning
  • Be open-minded to developing and implementing new ideas for improving husbandry and building strong working relationships with other departments to ensure high standards are met
  • Be able to clearly demonstrate leadership qualities, being an enthusiastic and motivated team player
  • Be able to organise and prioritise tasks in a dynamic environment and have good problem solving skills
  • Have a good understanding of risk assessments to ensure all staff are fully aware of safety and management procedures
  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Have a full driving licence valid in the UK


The pay is £23K per year, but TBH you can't put a price on the sheer joy that comes with being surrounded by beautiful giraffes all day, erry'day.

Maybe if I show them my extensive giraffe teddy collection and stationary, they'll consider me? BRB, off to go hand in my application.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

Katey Roberts

Katey is the Junior Social Editor of PRETTY52. She recently graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University, with a degree in Film and Media and her expertise is in entertainment news and celebrity culture. Contact her - katey.roberts@pretty52.com

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