If you're a fan of Harry Potter (let's face it, who isn't) then we've found the Christmas present of your dreams.

If you remember, in the books (and films) the Weasley family has a clock which shows the whereabouts of all of the family at all times. Whether they're at work, in mortal peril etc.

Well, DC Creatives have actually managed to make one IRL...

Credit: DC Creatives

As you can see, the clock uses your phone's GPS to track your location and then displays it for everyone to see.

They're currently trying to raise money on Kickstarter and they're SO CLOSE to reaching their $30,000 goal.

The website reads: "The Eta Clock isn't your ordinary clock - it doesn't tell time. Instead, it keeps you connected to those who matter most, exchanging time for location. The Eta Clock tells you where the people in your life spend their time, with each hand representing a person in your connection circle and each segment of the clock face corresponding to a destination.

"As the people in your life proceed throughout their day, the clock hands mimic their movements, traveling to and from destinations like 'Work' and 'Home.'"

How cool is that?!

The clock comes in a range of colours and I need one immediately...

Credit: DC Creatives

But how exactly does it work? "The Eta Clock wall-hanging device works in conjunction with our Eta Clock mobile app. Mobile devices broadcast their geolocation coordinates to our secure server, which acts simply as a proxy, relaying those coordinate to your at-home Eta Clock device."


They continue: "No need to stare at a tiny map on your phone or request an update, the Eta Clock is always waiting for new coordinates and displays the whereabouts of your friends and family as a piece of wall-hanging art. "

However, it's not exactly cheap. But TBF it's actually real-life magic so it might be worth saving up your galleons for. Their expected retail price will be $500 (£378.72).

There's 40 days left off the Kickstarter campaign so BRB, going to drop the rest of my paycheck backing it.

Mel Ramsay

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