Primark are absolutely slaying it lately. I feel like when I walk into the shop, my childhood dreams are all lay out in front of me - especially now there is an ENTIRE section within the clothes store dedicated to just Harry Potter.


From the amazing robes, to the bunting that everyone seems to be obsessing over, Harry Potter has well and truly taken back over the world again. TBH though, did it ever really stop?

The latest in the magical collection is actually not in the form of clothing, however, but something more suited for watching those all important Hogwarts-based films. You may want to check that you've got an other half first though...

Credit: Primark

Now, for the single gals of the world, like myself, have no fear. I've come up with a fabulous solution. You don't need a man to be able to get this mug, as you could just get the 'She's a catch' cup for your brews, as no doubt you are 100% a catch and don't need to be in a relationship to tell anyone that.

But if you are one of the lucky ones that has someone to binge-watch Harry Potter with, then the set of both of these cups will be perfect for Christmas, or a moving in present, or a 'oops, forgot your birthday, but here's a mug' present. Considering the set only costs £6 too, you can't really complain.

You could even take your mugs with you on your next trip to the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour in London, which has currently got two seriously cool events planned for the next few weeks...

Credit: Warner Bros

There is an After Dark night planned, which is PRETTY pricey, but you can't really put a price on eating a meal whilst Death Eaters walk around you.

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