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People Are Decorating Pineapples As Christmas Trees And It's A Mood

There are two types of people in the world. Those who countdown the seconds until they can begin decorating for Christmas, and think there's no such thing as OTT when it comes to decor, and then there are idiots (we jest!)

But falling firmly into the pro decorating list, we're well and truly behind the newest trend for getting the festivities going early. Across social media, people have been sharing pictures of pineapples adorned with mini Christmas decorations and we are very much into it.


Whether it's fairy lights, tinsel, or baubles it seems like our favourite exotic fruit can carry off just about anything.

Of course traditional Christmas trees aren't going anywhere but these look like the perfect quirky festive decoration for your home or even your office desk, with no pine needles to try and clean up.

There are lots of ways you can put your personal stamp on it so your pineapple is individual to you.

If you're fully committed to the trend you could just decorate your traditional tree as a pineapple (honestly it can be done).


Or, you can work on a bit of smaller, and more manageable scale. You could take a pineapple and attach baubles to it, or wrap lots of fairy lights or tinsel around it.

If you're really into getting creative you could even spray paint your pineapple with a more festive colour like red or green just so your guests aren't confused on why you have a pineapple on your Christmas dinner table.

Don't forget that last year it was found that people who put up their decorations earlier are actually happier. So what are you waiting for?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/doublejbird/

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