We know that using a face mask can give you the beautiful glow that nothing else achieves, but sometimes those things are pretty painful, especially when it gets stuck in those baby hairs around the side of your face.

Some masks hurt quite a bit more than others, and Cachet Raynor knows exactly what we're talking about. The teenager recorded the moment she pulled a mask off her face, and it soon went viral.

According to The Daily Dot, it's a Pil'aten Suction Black Mask, and it's meant to remove all impurities from your skin. As of right now, the video's had over 55,000 retweets and it's no where near done yet.

Honestly, her reactions are so funny...

Our favourite bit has to be "my lips, my lips are dry"! Despite the caption on the video, Cachet's actually really happy with the outcome, so she probably will try it again. Just be sure to record it next time too!

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

Jade Moscrop

Jade Moscrop writes for Pretty52. She couldn't live without her dog, cheese and wine. Follow her on Twitter @goldlion_

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