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Zac Efron Has A Younger Brother And He Is Super Handsome

Zac Efron is a pretty well-known beauty. He's got those dreamy boy-next-door looks that make us all swoon, plus those abs. Oosh. He's one heck of a hunk, that's for sure.

Damn. Zac has come a long way since his high school musical days. And unfortunately, what with the fact that he's a massive international movie star now, he's pretty much way out of our league.

But don't worry too much because it turns out that Zac has a slightly less famous younger brother who actually might be even more handsome than his older brother. Yeah, we said it.


Dylan Efron has got everything that's great about Zac, the washboard abs, the cheeky grin, and a wonderful jawline and yet somehow it's all even better on him. Ooft. He's also super into sports, judging by his Instagram where he's shared pictures of visits to American football games, his efforts as a triathlete, and hiking trips.

Anyway, we know what you're thinking, 'enough talk, more pictures' so without further ado, allow us to introduce you to Dylan Efron:


And here's a picture of him hanging out with his older brother, just in case we haven't destroyed your ovaries enough yet:

Woah. That's all we can say.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/HBO

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