Woman's Makeup Goes Hilariously Wrong After She Shows Up At Laser Tag

If you've done your makeup under artificial light indoors you'll know the pain of walking outside and looking like you're attempting the 100 Layers Challenge. But a US woman has shared an example of when unexpected lighting can make flawless makeup go bad.

Amanda Whitrock, from Missouri, US posted the photos on Facebook of her face before and during the laser tag game and they've since gone viral with 1.4K reactions, 8.9k comments and over 17k shares at the time of writing.

She had used One woman used HUDA Easy Bake loose powder (£28, in eight shades), which made her skin look flawlessly airbrushed under natural and indoor lighting.

Credit: Feel Unique
Credit: Feel Unique

But once she stepped into the black-lit laser tag area, her flawless skin went from glowing to, erm, glowing purple. And her unsuspecting photos captured it perfectly.

Credit: Facebook/Amanda Whitrock
Credit: Facebook/Amanda Whitrock

Press officer, Amanda, shared two selfies of herself with a purple face while playing, alongside another of her with perfect makeup before she went in.

The caption reads: "Don't use the HUDA baking powder if you plan on doing laser tag."

It appears the face powder, which reflects regular light perfectly to make skin radiant, reflected the darkness instead of the light from the camera's flash.

But some of the comments suggest that Amanda isn't the first makeup aficionado to fall foul of this. One Facebook user commented: "I work where we have a blacklight booth, almost all makeup looks crazy in it."

Credit: Facebook/Amanda Whitrock
Credit: Facebook/Amanda Whitrock

She was compared to a famous Roald Dahl character by others: "They told you not to try the Three Course Dinner chewing gum for a reason Violet."

"omg it's violet fucking Beauregard"

Some simply found her mishap hilarious: "this is too fucking much I'm wheezing"

Another used it as a cautionary tale for makeup wearers everywhere: "In case anyone is going out in blacklight anytime soon...let's just keep it natural."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Amanda Whitrock

Amelia Jones

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