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Woman's Cooked Breakfast Gets Absolutely Annihilated On 'Rate My Plate'

Since the dawn of social media, we've all partial to posting photos of the food we eat. But one poor woman got a bit of a roasting and a lot more than she'd bargained for when she posted a photo of her breakfast creation recently.

The image of "Bacon, Eggs & Beans by Carol C" was shared on the 'Rate My Plate' Facebook group. The group asks its users to share photos of their meals, which are then commented on, reacted to and rated by other members.


Credit: Rate my Plate
Credit: Rate my Plate

The somewhat confused-looking breakfast included baked beans, four fried eggs and a few rashers of bacon.

And members of the group were lightening quick to review and react to the thrown-together presentation and limp, fatty and undercooked bacon.

The post has been shared over 24k times, reacted to over 33k times, and has received more than 116k comments (at time of writing) - all of which seem to share the same low opinion of Carol C's breakfast.


One user said: "Did you cook your bacon on a Yankee candle"

While another typed: "What did you cook that in Carol, the f****g tumble dryer?"

One asked: "How do you like your eggs in the morning, I like mine cooked carol please"

Another commented: "Looks like Carol made a perfectly good breakfast then just punched the f*** out of it for no reason."

Finally one asked: "Have you cooked that bacon on a radiator?"

Dare to share your culinary creations? Join the group and get posting.

Featured Image Credit: Rate My Plate

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