Remember back in the days of yore, when there was nothing better than receiving an invite to your classmate's birthday party. It didn't matter where they were going, to the zoo, to the cinema, to the local swimming pool, or even if they were just hosting a classy party back at theirs. The point is that the invite was an exclusive and powerful form of communicate that separated the wheat from the chaff at primary school. If you got your hands on one you felt you were a cut above everyone who didn't manage to win one and it was the best feeling ever.

But one sassy little girl named Ava turned the art of the invite into something quite different. She used an invite to give a group of other little girls, Elke, Grace and Ashley, the slaying of their lives and it's the most fantastic thing we've ever seen.

It seems Elke, Grace, and Ashley have been being mean to Ava's little sister and she was not prepared to let the situation go on any longer. She made them a cute little pink invitation to 'invite' them to stop being mean to her sister. The image was first brought to light by Ava's baby-sitter who published pictures of the invite on Twitter where they soon went viral, racking up ten of thousands of retweets. Needless to say, Elke, Grace, and Ashley should probably thing about backing off.

Things started out innocently enough:

But on the inside Ava laid out her terms pretty clearly:

And just in case Elke, Grace, and Ashley didn't get the message, Ava copied it out in twenty different languages to make perfectly sure she got her message across:

Basically, in case you were foolish enough to try, never mess with a girl who has a kick-ass older sister, okay?

Slay, Ava, slay!

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