Whether you're on the train after a long, stressful day at work or on the way to a house party, sometimes you just need a couple of glasses of wine.

Pulling a great big bottle out of your handbag, however, is not advisable as it tends to encourage some rather concerned glances from your fellow passengers. Multiple mini bottles rolling around in your bag is also highly irritating.

Luckily, there is a solution. Designed to hold up to two bottles of wine, or any alcoholic beverage for that matter, Bella Vita have created the PortoVino tote.

All you have to do is pour your drink into the refillable pouch which sits snugly within the bag, and then use the spout, which is concealed by an exterior flap, to pour your drink.

Credit: PortoVino

And not only that, all of your other much less essentials can also fit inside too.

At $74.95 each, they aren't cheap but boy, are they worth it.

Featured Image Credit: Disney/PortoVino

Abby Robinson

Abby is a writer for Pretty 52. She's an animation enthusiast, daydreams about roaming the wild with all her animal friends, and is failing to conquer her trainer addiction.

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