Here at PRETTY52, we like to bring some pretty weird and wonderful cheeses in your direction. Firstly we showed you the pink raspberry and prosecco flavoured cheese, then the gin flavoured cheese - but now we're going to get a little bit more wild with the latest find.

From the same company that created the gin flavoured cheese, The Cheshire Cheese company has officially released a Strawberries and Cream with Champagne flavoured product, and it looks absolutely perfect for Valentine's Day.

Credit: Cheshire Cheese Company
Credit: Cheshire Cheese Company

The cheese is pink in colour, and on the company's website it claims: "Think Strawberry Cheese cake and you are in the zone to enjoy this amazing special edition cheese. You can smell and taste the strawberry jam in the cheese and the subtle champagne note."

The strangely wonderful product retails for £4.75 on their website, but if you're not quite feeling the Strawberry flavour, The Great British Cheese Company have re-released their extremely popular pink raspberry and prosecco flavoured cheese into an adorable heart shape - so you can treat the love of your life to a slice of the good stuff. Plus that one's only £4.50.

Credit: Great British Cheese Company
Credit: Great British Cheese Company

Or, you could just treat yourself to it, after all we all deserve a little TLC every now and again.

Featured Image Credit: Cheshire Cheese Company

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