When you fancy going out for afternoon tea, you have to plan weeks in advance. The group chat goes off as everyone gets really excited, but you just KNOW you'll be the one who has to book it all and chase everyone for the money. It's nice, and you feel like royalty, but it's expensive and a massive pain in the arse to organise.

Well, Asda have answered our prayers. Prayers we didn't even know we had. They've brought out their own little selection (which comes in an adorable little carry case) for just three bloody quid. We can literally afford to have afternoon tea every single bloody day.

Credit: Asda

The Afternoon Tea Summer Selection comes with:

  • Four puff pastry slices filled with custard, topped with fondant icing and yellow fondant decoration
  • Four choux pastry profiteroles with lemon cream filling, topped with Belgian white chocolate fondant and white chocolate curls
  • Two donuts filled with strawberry cream and strawberry jam with a sweet dusting


Thank the LORD. You need a snack to watch Naked Attraction? Sorted. Your mate broke up with her fella and won't stop crying? Don't even worry about it. You've lost 1lb this week and want to celebrate? We got you, hun.

Right now, we're just hoping and praying that they bring out an accompanying sandwich selection (for £3 as well, please) and maybe a mini bottle of Pimms and lemonade so we can feel like we're at Wimbledon or something and definitely not just stuffing our faces on the couch in our pants.

Don't judge us, please. We're fancy really.


But anyway, the selection is available in stores now and they reckon you should eat it on the day of purchase which, to be fair, is not going to be a problem at all.

Is anyone else already planning their best way home that just so happens to go past an Asda? I am. I'll see all of you in the chilled aisle where I'll be filling my trolley up and pretending I have friends to eat them with. Does the cast of Love Island count? Probably not. But just try and stop me.

While we're on the subject of cake (when are we not?!) let's take a minute to remember that time Chris Pratt rapped about it.

Credit: Instagram

Could he be anymore perfect?!

Mel Ramsay

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