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This Is The Amazing Reason Why All Disney Princesses Wear Blue

You might not have even realised it before, but it turns out that all of our favourite Disney princesses have something in common, and it is all down to their wardrobe. That's right. From Snow White to Jasmine, from Belle to Ariel, they all wear blue.

Despite the stereotype that all princesses are girly girls who wear pink, all of our favourite Disney stars sport bold aqua, cornflower or navy.

Credit: Disney


Just a coincidence you might think? Well, apparently there could be a deeper reason behind their coordinated wardrobe.

As Metro point out, Disney princesses might not always seem that empowered as they're often relying on Prince Charming's kiss like we see in Snow White or in Jasmine's quest to find a husband.

However, the princesses might actually have been channelling true girl power the whole time without us even knowing it.


That's because wearing blue sends a message of empowerment and strength to young females, as blue is viewed as a more laid back sign of beauty. Seriously.

Executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute, told Allure: "It's something to look forward to, to see that blue sky.

"It's dependable. It's reliable. It might cloud up, but we know it's there."

Apparently, blue is the colour of confidence, as well as trust and serenity, which are all useful things to encourage in young women, of course.

Of course, generally, the colour blue has long time been associated with boys because of its links with loyalty and dependability, possibly with a view to encouraging them to become dependable, decent men. However, these Disney princesses are proving just how us gals can carry those qualities as well, even if they do sometimes rely on men too.

If this is true then we feel you Disney. Girl power.

Featured Image Credit: Disney/Frozen/Jasmine

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