With all Primark's incredible Disney merchandise around this year, it's hard to not immediately spend all my money the minute I step into the store. Then again, I have zero willpower, and a bit of an obsession with Disney that I would probably buy a toothbrush if it was Beauty and the Beast themed.

I don't have kids, but whenever I see baby clothes I always want to go and buy them all encase any of my friends decide to start a family and I become the cool aunt. Baby clothes are adorable enough as they are, but when you incorporate a Disney element then I'm sold immediately.

According to their Instagram account, the sleepwear starts at £4, and just look at the cute little Minnie boots! MY OVARIES ARE HURTING.

Their Christmas collection is also part of the 'must have' items this year. Their Mrs Claus dressing gown looks like the most comfortable piece of clothing ever. Imagine, getting tucked up on the sofa to watch I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! with a nice cup of Baileys hot choccie wearing this badboy. Freeze no more, people.

Credit: Primark

The cosy dressing gown will set you back £13, but considering you'll be the Christmas queen that doesn't sound like too much of a dent in your pocket. Plus its adorable AF.

The brand has also released £4 cosy red rose themed slippers, and they're perfect to go along with your new gown. Oh, bank card. I'm so sorry.

Like I said before, Primark are on top of their game at the moment with all of the brilliant things you can buy from their store.

There's plenty of other enchanting Beauty And The Beast bits and bobs for you to get your hands on too, like a Mrs Potts teapot, and matching Chip mug.

The mother and son duo have also been transformed into hand bags and coin purses, and they are just SO DAMN CUTE.

If you're not that into Beauty And The Beast (don't worry, I'll forgive you), Primark has got lots of other pieces inspired by classic Disney films and characters.

Shoppers went wild for the budget brand's Minnie and Mickey Disney baubles, which came in a dark purple and pink, as well as classic red and black, which cost just £4.

If the mice duo aren't enough Christmas glam for you, the brand also had Frozen and Winnie The Pooh versions of the crimbo decorations too.

Credit: Disney

I don't think you'll ever be too old for a bit of Disney!

Katey Roberts

Katey is the Junior Social Editor of PRETTY52. She recently graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University, with a degree in Film and Media and her expertise is in entertainment news and celebrity culture. Contact her - katey.roberts@pretty52.com

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